Offshore Development

Ours Offshore Development Center  (ODC) makes you feels as it is your own  development wing. Our solution are  designed to specific requirements of  clients.

We at Progenx Technology specializing in software Development, Digital consulting, product development, & SAP. Etc.

Design & Development

Our team provides complete assistance with detailed design representation of the software product and the final output in the form of a program source code.


Our developers are well trained and experienced in carrying out a wide array of test services including regression testing, unit and system testing.

Maintenance & Support

We provide 24/7 on-site as well as offshore maintenance and support services relieving the clients of unnecessary trivial issues and helping them focus on their core competencies.

Advantages of opting for an Offshore Development Centre

An offshore development center can be very liberating for businesses in many situations. Amongst the host of benefits and value it delivers, the key ones are listed as under:

  • Pick and choose skills and resources from a wide array of developers, testers, support, etc. in line with your requirements
  • Saves cost incurred on recruitment
  • Eliminates huge capital investments
  • Offshore development brings cost savings
  • Work faster by leveraging the time zone differences between your country and the provider’s country


Every project is approached with a target result, once approved, it is analyzed, designed and implemented with extreme diligence and focus on quality to ensure that return on investments always remains positive for our clients.

Consulting Services

Progenx Technology Pvt Ltd is committed to helping our customers grow at a rapid pace while becoming cost effective, and highly efficient. We have been outsourcing in India, Canada.

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