Data Facilitation & Management

At Progenx, we provide our expertise in provisioning Data Infrastructure & Facilitation to address Business and Organizational needs. Data Infrastructure plays a key role for an Organization in Processing of Data and Analyzing, and to create value out of that data. We will help you create a sustainable and effective process to store, transfer, secure, and to maintain data. Data Facilitation includes an easy drive-way to plan and utilize the data to create a wide range of analytical services.

What we do best as a data science development company, is assisting and guiding our clients through a variety of industry-specific data-related business solutions.

We offer tailored data services solutions which includes Database Design and Development, build process to Ingest and manage data, exploratory data analysis, governance, and the creation of complete decision support systems and
data-powered products for large and small private enterprises.



Every Project is measured with a Success Criteria, which once agreed is Analyzed, Designed, Implemented, and Supported with utmost diligence focusing on Quality and Value. 

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Every project is approached with a target result, once approved, it is analyzed, designed and implemented with extreme diligence and focus on quality to ensure that return on investments always remains positive for our clients.

Consulting Services

Progenx Technology Pvt Ltd is committed to helping our customers grow at a rapid pace while becoming cost effective, and highly efficient. We have been outsourcing in India, Canada.